1. That’s my face, it’s weird, I’m not sure what I’m doing, I’m sorry.
  2. The Complete Sherlock Holmes finally came in and oh my god guys it’s gorgeous. There’s a gold fingerprint on the back. The little paper wraparound is torn on the the side and there’s a fingerprint on the top and bottom along the pages [but that might actually be from me pulling it out] but the cover is glorious and it’s 1122 pages long and the paper’s thin kinda like Bible paper and the type is kinda small and there’s no space between the lines and EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS FABULOUS WORK IS BEAUTIFUL AND SATISFYING TO ME.
  3. I got my AP scores today and managed to scrape a three in AP Calculus which I am immensely grateful for since I didn’t know what the hell I was doing, and my AP Lit score was a FIVE. A FIVE OUT OF FIVE. I knew writing about Heart of Darkness was a good choice, I could bullshit about Heart of Darkness all day long.
  4. Also an unexpected fourth thing: my webcam is really shitty, damn.
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  1. msfrizzlesmethlab said: 1. Not weird. Excited face! 2. asdfghjk I’m SO jealous!! 3. Congrats!
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